Pannon Breeding Program: Innovative Product Development of the Carpatian basin’s Genetical Values

The Pannon Breeding Program offers solutions for problems caused by climate change.  In the framework of the program researchers seek solutions for developing plants that are resistent to the extreme climatic conditions of the Carpatian basin both for arable and for city environment. The endeavor is supported by an IT development and a new methodology.

Among our long term goals we shall explore the marketing opportunites for the plants, furthermore, we shall launch dual educational trainings and vocational trainings at our new Knowledge Center.

The first goal of our program is innovation achieved in the framework of a Consortium. The leader of the Consortium is the Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt., members of the Consortium are the University of Debrecen, the Szent István University, Faculty of Agricultural and Economic Studies, Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd, and the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, Forest Research Institute.

In the forthcoming 4 years, 160 researchers and technical personnel divided to 22 research groups with different themes shall conduct experiments with plants and develop diverse technologies and methods with the aim to achieve significant agricultural innovation for the owner of the program and for the region and for the Hungarian agrculture as well.

Our agrarian-innovative project embraces the whole domestic plant cultivation sector with its utilization of the genetics of the Pannon Region. The main goal of the program is research and innovation of the climate change inducted complex and perspectivic plants.

The Pannon Breeding is a large-scale agricultural program with the following parts:

  1. Innovation, which is the basis of continuous developments. Within this framework a Knowledge Centre and a Laboratory will be set up, and fundamental and applied researches will be launched.

As a first step, the themes of the GINOP tender are gathered around 7 important goals.

  • Greenhouse farming: as a result of the project, a selected stock of arboreal and perennial herbaceous varieties is obtained, which can be successfully applied in the re-cultivation of degraded urban areas due to their high ecological tolerance.
  • Genetic research of crops suitable for utilization in sensitive arable areas: designation of genetic lines of plants suitable for sensitive ecological arable production of crops.
  • Phytoremediation research, energy plants, remediation of soil: Main task is to select the most efficient species and to elaborate methods for treatment of polluted soils with phytoremediation and chemical tests.
  • Plants grown for their active ingredients: the aim is to utilize primarily domestic (indigenous and of foreign origin but domesticated long ago) and some of the introduced herb species as genetic sources.
  • Risk analysis of pest management and overall stress testing of the researched plants support the selection of safely cultivated genotypes.
  • IT development aims at establishing a new method for the collaboration of the research groups. This unique initiative in Hungary can be a groundbreaking development in horticultural research methodology.
  • Agro-economic research is intended to create an agro-economic base for the project. On the one hand, it aims at assessing consumer demands for planned horticultural products and determine the consumer market and segment in which they can be traded and map potential sales channels. On the other hand, the project aims to identify the expected profit per product by using cost-benefit analyses.
  1. Consultation and vocational training programs offer information for agrarian specialists about the research fields of the program in the region and in the professional area of the partners. It supports dual educational trainings and guarantees internship possibilities for regional, national and cross-border educational institutions.
  1. Establishing an experimental facility at the Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt for developing an innovative agricultural economy. For extending capacity the local farmers will be involved and a tuitional facility will provide further trainings for the farmers. The organiser (integrator) will provide consultancies (e.g. in cultivation, climate data, technology, pest management related issues)
  1. One of the goals of the Agrarian Program is to develop a claster that creats jobs and guarantee the sustainability and continuous innovation of the regional agriculture.

Our services


Park design and greening

The modern and liveable cities cannot operate well without economically sustainable green areas with high ecological potential! (parks, alleys, social and communal forests) For over 100 years we successfully implement an effective greening management in Hungarian communities with continental climate. We have references from almost all major cities and small settlements. In order to achieve adequate profitability a comprehensive and complete greening management and implementation plans are prepared by our experienced specialists. Additionally we undertake execution of the warranty based on our management plans. To ensure the ongoing sustainability we provide consulting, training and inspection of the work process. Using our innovative methodologies we are able to select special plant species with potential genetic material.


Landscape Rehabilitation, Recultivation, Tree planting in saline soil

Nowadays, the rehabilitation of poor quality soil and contaminated sites is a major issue. Salinization of soils inhibits the effective agriculture and forestry, the serious consequences of industrial pollution is possible to avert by planned and high quality recultivation. We are able to handle any problems that may arise on the basis of decades of our professional experience.


Education, consutation

Ongoing research and development and our innovative activities allow us to use latest technologies. We always work out and implement the most cost-effective ways for our customers. In addition, we concern continuous professional supervision and training of local professionals as well.

Our Partners

Establishment and maintainance of experimental station

- Program goals -

Establishment of science and education center

Establishment of science and education center

Preservation and development of indigenous genetic bases

Preservation and development of indigenous genetic bases

Establishment of Climate and Environmental Research Centre

Establishment of Climate and Environmental Research Centre

Establishment and maintenance of experimental station

Establishment and maintenance of experimental station

The project takes place at: Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Ltd.