Agricultural Economics Research Group

The Agricultural Economics Research Group, which is led by Prof. Attila Jámbor (Corvinus University of Budapest), provides the agricultural economic foundation for the Pannon Breeding project. In the past years, the research team mapped the domestic and international markets relevant to the project (for example: Kazakhstan, Russia) and analyzed the domestic competitive position of various products (for example: cereals, nursery products) in these markets. In the first year of the research, the Agricultural Economics Research Group focused on the examination of competitive positions, then on the trends of special products (for example: Italian reeds, grass seed, silk road, green area management), while currently they are examining the conditions of marketability of the products created during the project. The group uses theoretical methods to examine issues that are relevant from a practical point of view, with the aim of establishing the business foundation for the introduction of the products to the market, created during Pannon Breeding program, as well as its preparation process.

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