Mechanic machine

An important tool for seed cleaning tasks is the venting machine. It is an essential tool for cleaning and separating pre-excavated seeds released from fruits insufficient plant parts (for example: leaf pieces). It is used in cases where it can no longer be separated by a series of sieves.
The operation of the device is based on the specific gravity difference. Using its motor, it generates a slice in a bending tube element into which the sample is placed, the lower specific gravity material passes through the tube and falls into an antistatic bucket as it passes through the descending branch. Our higher-specific-weight seeds, which have been purified in this way, ideally remain at the starting point. If the seeds have to be separated from a higher specific gravity material (for example: gravel), the lighter seeds will be blown through the bucket and sliced ​​through. The wind force and blowing time can be very finely programmable.

The tool is used by the slope lawn research group in connection with the Pannon Breeding project.


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