Laminar booth (BBS-V800)

During our device demonstration series, we arrived at the essential tool of laboratory work, the laminar booth. This device allows for experimental settings, such as Petri dishes, to be performed in a sterile environment. In many studies, the presence and appearance of fungi entering the air (e.g., mold species) are not related to the experiment and may even affect the result, even in a fatal direction. Such pathogens can, for example, enter the plant along the damage during propagation processes, which can cause the destruction of propagation. In this case, it is essential to use a laminar booth to greatly reduce or avoid the risk of destruction.

Our project uses one of the smallest booths for this purpose, with a height barely over a meter and a half. The preparatory work can be performed by sitting at an illuminated desk lit by a LED light. Fungal spore free environment is provided by air drawn in from the area outside the cabinet and passed through a filter, which then flows out of the cabinet, supplying only filtered air to the sample. Disinfection of instruments and samples can also be performed separately on the workbench by folding down the window and turning on a UV lamp. During this process, of course, we cannot stay in the booth, as it can damage DNA and cause burns.

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