Handheld Brush Harvester

We introduced earlier our high-performance harvester (Grass Grabber GG-7540) which is suitable for harvesting clean, big plots, and this machine makes selective harvesting possible. As for its size, it is smaller and can be mounted in two along its axis so it can be transported by car, too.

The portable harvester is very similar to a motorized lawnmower, but the petrol engine drives a cylinder with strong twine protrusion, surrounded by a canvas-covered housing and a detachable canvas bag at the bottom. It is similar in appearance and principle to a combine harvester, with rotating twine straps punching the seeds into the bag, and adding fuel to control the speed of rotation of the cylinder for heavier spinning cores. The device can be fixed with a shoulder strap, and the height of the harvest can be controlled by the handlebars, so we can harvest high-purity seeds of mixed species but at different level heights – as opposed to the previously described harvester. At the end of the operation, the bag can be disconnected and we can spray the sample collected in this way into a bag or bucket. The stubborn, debris seeds can be separated with sieves of a defined hole size. There are screening and winding machines for this task. Currently, we use this tool to collect the seeds and fruits of the slope lawn research group.

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