High performance harvester (Grass Grabber GG-7540)

We are launching a high performance harvester this month that allows the slope lane research group to harvest seeds and crops as well as to model harvesting technology and test the operational harvestability of various species.

The harvester, made in Australia, is a single-axle wheel slider, but can also be fitted with a quadrant by removing the wheels. Honda four-stroke engine drives a top-mounted rotating cylinder at the front of the machine, with strong plastic bristles protruding in all directions from the analogy of a combine. The motor drives the brush strap at an adjustable speed, thereby sweeping the seeds (even at high speed) with the stems and leaves into the bag behind the roller. The debris seed thus harvested can be separated from other plant debris by sieves having a specific mesh size. An excellent tool for this is the screening machine that will be presented later.

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