Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 measuring device

With our team we continue our research with a device which examines the cellular function of the state of our examined plants, in this case the chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is the green coloring of the plants which is responsible for the transmission of light energy in plants. Its quantity is species specific, the difference indicates abnormality. Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 Plus is the first device to be introduced as a small portable handheld device. This device is used for rapid measurements. We have to clip the device onto the leaf of our plant with the clip-on end which is on the upper side of the device. Within 1-2 seconds, it provides the relative chlorophyll content (SPAD index) calculated from the ratio of red to infrared light passing through the leaf, which is used to determine if the plant’s metabolism is working well in the given environment relative to the reference value for the species or variety. The further the value is from the control value the weaker the plant is. The device is most often used to detect the need for nutrient supply as the chlorophyll content correlates with the nitrogen content of the plant. The advantage of the device is that there is no need to remove the leaf from the plant (non-invasive method). In our research, we examine the tolerance of our plants for inappropriate so-called sensitive areas (dry, extremely dry). We work by examining several parameters and use several tools together.