Phytotrons are plant growth chambers in which the conditions necessary for the life and growth of plants can be controlled. Light, temperature and humidity are important environmental factors.The exact knowledge and controllability of these factors is essential for botanical research. Because they are closed chambers, other effects from the outside world can be excluded, preventing them from distorting experimental results. HPP Memmert 400 and 260 type phytotrons have been purchased as part of our application. Type 400 is a 400 litre roller with a fixed 260-inch 260 litre interior. These devices measure and save the current values of environmental factors to provide data on the time of access to the values, and indicate if these parameters are outside a set range. The temperature in the chamber can be set between 0 and 70 Celsius and the light is supplied by energy-saving LED lamps. They can be used in many applications and are currently used for drought and heat stress tests (at high temperatures) and for germination tests.